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    Published On: 2019-04-16T16:15:05.000Z


    Description:Exploring basoli mini goa in himachal Manjinder pal and gourav sandhu Instagram- pal_manjinder Facebook- Manjinder pal What's app no. - 8289068186 ...

  • Channel Title: Gujjar King basoli

    Published On: 2019-03-08T04:11:27.000Z

    Title:Sitaram Gujjar basoli

    Description:Sitaram Gujjar basoli.

  • Channel Title: Rajan Photography

    Published On: 2019-03-06T19:29:51.000Z

    Title:Best Prewedding 2019 Basoli shoot jaipal & Richa

  • Channel Title: Stories Of Photography

    Published On: 2019-02-16T07:59:00.000Z

    Title:Atinder & Anmol - Basoli Prewedding - Stories of Photography - 2019

    Description:This Prewedding is Filmed and Edited by Stories of Photography.Some of the shot was done at Basoli, Himachal and rest in Amritsar. . If You really liked this one ...

  • Channel Title: gurri phototopraphy

    Published On: 2019-02-13T08:52:31.000Z

    Title:Pre wedding video song 2019 | Sulta & Balwinder | Basoli pull | Gurri Photography

    Description:A match made in heaven but separated by nations instagram @gurri_photography Contact ; 8427386526.

  • Channel Title: People Films

    Published On: 2019-02-07T05:39:13.000Z

    Title:Basoli Fort

    Description:Basholi (Basoli) is a town in Kathua district in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, India. It is situated on the right bank of River Ravi at an altitude of 1876 ft.

  • Channel Title: randhawa studio

    Published On: 2019-01-25T07:37:25.000Z

    Title:Shoot (basoli)#photography

  • Channel Title: BRIJ Mohan

    Published On: 2019-01-21T18:16:18.000Z

    Title:Pre Wedding | Paniyon sa | Nitish & Mehak | Basoli BRIDGE | Best Digital Studio Photography

    Description:contact us:+91-98158-71484Spl. in : Cinematic wedding shoots Pre-Wedding Shoots Portfolio Shoots Pregnancy Photographyon Co Baby's Portfolio ...

  • Channel Title: Stories Of Photography

    Published On: 2019-01-04T10:00:58.000Z

    Title:Jaan Meri - Gurjeet & Kajal - PreWedding Basoli - Stories of Photography- 2019

    Description:Jaan Meri Pre-Wedding Video of Gurjeet & Kajal by Stories of Photography at Basoli in 2019.

  • Channel Title: Mafia m records

    Published On: 2019-01-03T06:29:33.000Z

    Title:#basoli trip #full trip #full #video #full #enjoy #basoli pull jammu &kashmir

    Description:Jammu basoli pull full view full trip enjoy short movie making love that place #nature #weather jammu kashmir weather #full masti #full enjoy #love that trip.

  • Channel Title: Narinder Verma

    Published On: 2018-12-22T05:02:57.000Z

    Title:Basoli girls sing dogri song "Mitra basoli deya"

  • Channel Title: gypsy guys

    Published On: 2018-09-27T19:34:33.000Z

    Title:Trip from Pathankot to Basoli(Episode#2)

    Description:Please do the likes,share and subscribe if you really like this video other wise dislike. The video length is from dam view site to Basoli. we did boating at there.

  • Channel Title: gypsy guys

    Published On: 2018-09-27T09:18:39.000Z

    Title:Trip from Pathankot to Basoli (Episode-#1)

    Description:Do subscribe,share and likes the channel. In this video only length from the Madhopur via defence road to dam site view is available. Remaining part watch next ...

  • Channel Title: JÀŤŤ ßHŰPÎŇĐeŘ

    Published On: 2018-09-09T15:52:30.000Z

    Title:Jai babe di side baba Bharthari nath mandir (Basoli khai) UNA H.P.

    Description:Bhupinder singh jai babe di Sidh baba Bharthari nath mandir khai majra vpo Basoli district UNA HP.

  • Channel Title: Dominator Rider

    Published On: 2018-08-13T16:56:08.000Z

    Title:Dalhousie to basoli...

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  • Channel Title: The Mood Dust

    Published On: 2018-08-12T14:55:34.000Z

    Title:Basoli, Jammu, Jammu & Kashmir,India.

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  • Channel Title: Mynk World

    Published On: 2018-05-29T11:30:23.000Z

    Title:Pathankot To Basoli (Mini Goa) Enjoying #Timelapse

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  • Channel Title: Cheenu Gupta

    Published On: 2018-04-15T10:41:29.000Z

    Title:Basoli dam construction site

    Description:Electricity making site.

  • Channel Title: Tripp3rs

    Published On: 2018-03-05T15:46:00.000Z

    Title:Basoli holi ride ( part 2 ) J&K

    Description:Strategically important and first of the kind in North India and Jammu and Kashmir, the 592-meter long Basohli Bridge over River Ravi will be fourth such in the ...

  • Channel Title: Tripp3rs

    Published On: 2018-03-02T13:44:28.000Z

    Title:Basoli Holi Ride ( part 1 ) J&K

    Description:pls give us your precious suggestions and feedback about this video if there is anything you want me to cover or hide or delete then do let me know. Chichi Mata ...

  • Channel Title: Sunny Kharal

    Published On: 2018-01-24T18:00:29.000Z

    Title:Basoli pull


  • Channel Title: Ashish Kohli

    Published On: 2018-01-10T08:55:34.000Z

    Title:Isha Andotra, Basoli Girl

  • Channel Title: Sandeep Katoch

    Published On: 2018-01-01T16:38:07.000Z

    Title:Basoli Dam and Atal Setu . Speed boat on beautiful lake.

  • Channel Title: Raj Sharma

    Published On: 2017-10-28T04:10:11.000Z

    Title:Jammu To Basoli

  • Channel Title: JkBiker Aman

    Published On: 2017-10-16T19:03:07.000Z

    Title:Basoli Trip

    Description:Basoli trip time for fun Boating,Tracking, & Beach Feeling....

  • Channel Title: ssrajputasr Sunil Rajput

    Published On: 2017-10-04T18:51:38.000Z

    Title:ssrajputasr desi boy basoli j&k

    Description:ssrajputasr desi boy basoli j&k.

  • Channel Title: Wave Music - Bhakti

    Published On: 2017-09-22T17:00:01.000Z

    Title:2017 का सबसे हिट देवी गीत - Mai Basoli Ke Pawan - Kala Sringar Maiya Rani Ke - Golden Samrat

    Description:अगर आप Bhojpuri Video को पसंद करते हैं तो Plz चैनल को Subscribe करें- Subscribe Now:- https://goo.gl/qNnVHk Album - Kala Sringar...

  • Channel Title: Gujjar Music Basoli

    Published On: 2017-08-14T07:35:18.000Z

    Title:Basoli rewar


  • Channel Title: sonu pathan

    Published On: 2017-08-08T11:20:03.000Z

    Title:Purthu The Mini Goa(basoli---Plahi)

  • Channel Title: Red Pro Entertainment

    Published On: 2017-07-29T04:19:50.000Z


    Description:1VLOG Pathankot to Basoli Bridge With :- Puneet (channel name- PKSM LIVE ) Vishal (On Instagram- vishal sandhu ) Camera used:- Xiaomi Mi4i Thanks for ...

  • Channel Title: Ashish Kapoor

    Published On: 2017-07-09T16:00:37.000Z

    Title:Isha Andotra , Rockstar of social media in tehsil Basoli.

  • Channel Title: Manoj Kumar

    Published On: 2017-06-04T17:12:05.000Z

    Title:Basoli pull video realise

  • Channel Title: Jatt Gurdaspuria

    Published On: 2017-05-31T09:14:42.000Z

    Title:At basoli bridge

  • Channel Title: Gourav Mandi

    Published On: 2017-01-04T10:43:04.000Z

    Title:Basoli da jita

  • Channel Title: Amit Sharma

    Published On: 2016-12-06T16:38:06.000Z

    Title:basoli song

    Description:Isha Andotra achieves all great heights in singing basoli.. सुरीली आवाज से सोशल मीडिया पर छाई जम्मू कश्मीर की...

  • Channel Title: Abhinav Mahajan

    Published On: 2016-12-04T11:11:26.000Z

    Title:Kathua girl part 3 ..... from jammu basoli

    Description:Awsome voice she had.

  • Channel Title: iamviren 0012

    Published On: 2016-12-01T10:00:16.000Z

    Title:Narazgi Song by a school girl, basoli briz.

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  • Channel Title: MY FOOD MY CULTURE

    Published On: 2016-08-20T04:32:53.000Z

    Title:Longest cable bridge in north india basoli (J&K)

    Description:Atal setu rope bridge is on ranbir sagar dam over ravi river connecting j&K with himachal pradesh and dunera in punjab.it is built by most advance technology ...

  • Channel Title: Narender Singh Thakur

    Published On: 2016-02-23T06:23:12.000Z

    Title:Atal setu bridge ( basoli, Dunera) Pathankot

    Description:View of North India's first cabal-styled bridge at dunera , pathankot ( punjab) its providing close connectivity between three northern states of Jammu and ...

  • Channel Title: JAiMAL SiNGH

    Published On: 2015-11-24T09:23:50.000Z

    Title:Basoli Bridge

  • Channel Title: Vijay Bhagat

    Published On: 2019-07-15T15:30:55.000Z

    Title:Basoli tour

  • Channel Title: jatin Balotra JAMMU's voice

    Published On: 2019-07-14T19:55:43.000Z

    Title:Kathua to Mahanpur, Basoli,(j&k) trip by road . #mahanpur #basoli #bani #jammu

  • Channel Title: Devil piyush

    Published On: 2019-07-14T19:03:35.000Z

    Title:Atãl ### sëthü #####in ##basoli##near##mini##goa

  • Channel Title: Arvind Giri

    Published On: 2019-07-14T11:32:25.000Z

    Title:Basoli Kathua

  • Channel Title: Arvind Giri

    Published On: 2019-07-14T11:27:57.000Z

    Title:Basoli Kathua Atal Setu

  • Channel Title: Arvind Giri

    Published On: 2019-07-14T11:25:37.000Z

    Title:Basoli Kathua

    Description:Basoli mini Goa in kathua.

  • Channel Title: Dogra Warriors

    Published On: 2019-07-10T14:23:14.000Z

    Title:Mini goa(Basoli)

  • Channel Title: sanchita s

    Published On: 2019-07-10T09:10:47.000Z

    Title:Basoli dam| captured by camera| perfect for tik tok video 👍

    Description:Basohli dam near basohli Captured from camera latest video please subscribe my channel for more latest updates thank you for watching.

  • Channel Title: Walia Vision Productions

    Published On: 2019-07-09T10:01:13.000Z

    Title:Sandroon Bridge View (Bani Basoli)

    Description:Sandroon Bridge View (Bani Basoli)

  • Channel Title: Dogra Warriors

    Published On: 2019-07-09T02:37:27.000Z

    Title:Atal setu brigde at (basoli)